Service Tip of the Month from Frank Santos

Sadly, the end of summer is coming up sooner than we want, but with that comes another important service tip! This month, Frank Santos has great advice to keep your tires in the best shape for your ideal riding performance.

Frank Service Tip

With our beautiful Bay Area weather, we all spend more time in our cars, whether it is a road trip or driving the little ones all around town. With that, the more miles you put on your car, the more important it is to check your tire pressure! It is important to check it when the seasons/weather change.

Benefits of having the correct tire pressure:

  • The correct pressure will maximize your fuel economy
  • Less tire wear and tear compared to over inflation or under inflation
  • Better tire traction, responsiveness, and handling

As a complimentary service for you, we will always check your tire pressure right on the drive and adjust as needed.

Need additional services? Schedule your service reservation here to keep your Audi functioning at maximum performance.

6 Summer Car Care Tips Every Audi Driver Needs To Know

Summer is officially here! With June 21 marking the official start of summer, it’s time to slap on some sunscreen, and hit the beautiful Bay Area beaches. But before you start packing your surfboard, beach umbrellas and summer equipment in the back of your Audi, there are a few things you should know first.

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As the days get hotter so does your vehicle. Don’t be that guy holding up traffic, sitting on the side of the freeway because you neglected to take proper care of your vehicle. The last thing you want on your summer bucket list is for you precious Audi to overheat. Be sure to:

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