Employee Spotlight: Andy Long

Andy Long has been in the automotive industry for 28 long years!

Andy started working in the industry along with his other full-time job when he stumbled upon an opportunity with a Toyota dealership. This gig was meant to be temporary until after college, but the excitement from selling cars, the long process of marketing it, “proved to be more desirable than chasing down criminals!”

Not for very long, he became the General Sales Manager of Audi Fremont! Andy is so devoted to his work so much so that he thinks of it even after a very long day as “it’s [his] passion more than an obsession.”

As the GSM, his day starts with reviewing the previous day’s activities and sales results, followed by a series of email responses, and dealer trades amongst others!

Despite the overqualification Andy possess, he admitted that building and solidifying his sales team can be overwhelming at times. Eight long months into managing this store, he still feels the pressure that speaks the same for the rest of the management team! “Time is not a luxury [for their team].”

With the Audi Fremont being a brand-new store, it’s the most modern facility without any expense spared. Because of that, it emits a sense of pride and a clear understanding of succeeding. The vision Andy has for the future of this facility is endless, considering that “we all have an opportunity to build something great from scratch, bottom-up…it’s a privilege to [partake on this journey].”

Andy’s favorite vehicle is the Audi R8 Spyder. Andy has always loved fast cars and convertibles, especially on long drives on curvy mountain roads. 

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However, Andy claims that the Audi A4 is the perfect fit for a daily commuter: good on gas mileage with outstanding technology that also highlights safety features— a vehicle well-built with a luxurious feel all under $40k. An amazing choice for a place that is always crowded!

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The San Francisco Bay Area is so diverse that gaining experiences may seem endless—there are different cultural experiences, ranging from restaurants to activities. Andy is fond of the wide range of outdoor activities—anything that involves water, such as jet-skiing at Lake Berryessa, houseboating, fishing, etc, with an exception being wanting to see Whitney Houston live in San Francisco back in 1986.

Aside from the diverse culture of San Francisco, his love for California as a whole thrives! He loves the long four-hour drive to the snow, the one-hour drive to a beautiful lake, and the six-hour long drive to get to SoCal! Oh, he also loves basketball! Go, Warriors!

His job, the diverse community he’s a part of, his wife and his religion motivate him to get up every day and do what he does more than what he’s expected!

We, at Audi Fremont, are really thankful that we have Andy Long!


Come up for a visit and say hi to Andy, or any of our other friendly staff and see why we’re different!
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