Service Tip: Back-to-School Checklist

The Semester Has Started if it Hasn’t Already

Are you ready for the fall semester? Is your Audi ready to take the spotlight on campus when you drive in? If not, then here’s a back-to-school checklist we’ve gathered for you!


When Should I Check My Tires?

  • All the time!?
  • Prior to heading out. Every single time to avoid a tire blowout!
  • If your tires have bulges, gouges, or cracks, that’s a sign of low-tire pressure—the tires are most likely deflating.
  • Your tires are probably old, too!  Ask yourself, “Self, when was the last time you had new tires on your vehicle?” If you unfortunately forgot, we got you!  Each tire has a so-to-speak date of birth located on the tire.  We recommend that you change your tires every six-years.
  • If you fail to check your tires prior to getting on the road and if you have a newer vehicle, you have a low-tire-pressure light system. This is the image you will see on your dash:


Why Do My Brakes Squeak?

Your mind is not alone here.  It is a fairly common issue for Audi vehicles as we use high-performance brakes which are semi-metallic. The metal particles in the brake pads will cause squeaking when they rub against the metal brake rotors, which is normal. If you think your brakes are losing grip on the metal brake rotors, then it’s time to get your Audi serviced.  

When Do I Need to Change my Wiper Blades?

Do they make demonic noise? Do they make streaks when wiping the tears of the sky? If your answer is yes, then so is ours. Schedule an appointment to get them changed, so you’re ready when it rains!


Why Are My Headlights Foggy?

It’s due to oxidation. Modern headlights are made out of plastic and not glass anymore, so oxidation is more likely to occur. How to prevent it, you ask? With a good ‘ole toothbrush and toothpaste and a lot of scrubbing. Baking soda in place of the toothpaste works just fine, too! Don’t have time to scrub your headlights? Use a microfiber cloth and WD-40, and wipe clean your headlights. Voila! Headlights brighter than your future!


Lastly, you HAVE to get your Audi washed through our Preferred Owner Benefits!
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